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Ameyoko in Ueno, Tokyo Japan for Japan Travel Packages (

Ameyoko (in Japanese; Ame Yoko アメ横) is a shopping area in the major city of Ueno in Tokyo Japan. Ameyoko is very close (just across a main street) to Ueno Station and is between Ueno Station and Uenookachimachi Station (the next station on the main JR loop around Tokyo).  Traditionally the area was known for selling candy. "Ame" in "Ameyoko" means candy and funny enough also is the first three letters in "America" because a lot of American products were sold here in a "black market" after World War 2. Nowadays the area sells pretty much everything. There are fishmongers, bag shops, golf shops, bag shops... anything you need. However, one the the BEST things about Ameyoko is the small Sushi Bowl shops that have been popping up. You can get a great bowl of rice covered in your choice of Sashimi for an excellent price! Check out a Colorado Jones's "Travel Log" about eating in Ameyoko, Ueno Japan. There are two "main" streets in the Ameyoko area (shown on the map below in blue) but the whole area (back streets, side alleys) is much larger (area in light green on the map below) and you can find all kinds of cool little shops by just walking around.  There are many inexpensive... well, cheap places to get some very good food too!