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Thank you for taking some time to visit my website. My name is Brent and I am the Owner of Japan Travel Packages.

Brent, owner of Japan Travel Packages

Brent, Street Performing in Yokohama early 1990s

The day after my high school graduation I hitched a ride to California where after a few months I landed a "work passage" job on a freighter bound for Australia. In Australia I learned to juggle while working in the circus for about a year. My new juggling skill gave me the opportunity to travel, live and work all over the world and I did not return to America to live for nearly 20 years. I have lived in a variety of countries and have traveled to scores but Japan became my main destination. I first arrived in Japan in 1989... I clearly still remember the day I got off the plane, took the train into Tokyo, plopped my backpack down on a busy walking street corner and did a street show (and surprisingly wasn't harassed by the Mafia or police). The first couple years I was in and out of Japan depending on my performing schedule and the fact that I was still enjoying a vagabond traveling life. However, in the mid-90s I was offered a contract by a talent agent in Japan so I decided to take it and lived permanently in Japan for around 12 years. For those 12 years I did approximately 40 to 80 shows a year in all corners of Japan. I have been to more places in Japan (multiple times) than 99% of the Japanese. Not only have I traveled to these places, I experienced and learned the complicated feelings and culture of the Japanese people... after all, I was a very successful entertainer who could make them laugh and enjoy my show. Not only did I do live shows, I was on a variety of TV shows and I even had my own weekly Japan Travel TV show sponsored by IBM.

Brent, owner of Japan Travel Packages

Brent in Colorado Springs, CO.

No, I am not your typical college student who went to Japan to teach English and decided to start a travel business. I am a born "Adventurer" who's core life-style is travel and experiencing the unknown. I have experienced things in Japan very, very few foreigners have. From sleeping in a supposedly ghost ridden Ryokan (Japanese Inn) in the north, hobnobbing with famous Japanese celebrities in Osaka, eating at a super exclusive sushi joint that only accepts 2 patrons a night (with a member of the... Japanese Mafia) and performing for literally tens of thousands of Japanese, my experiences and knowhow about Japan cannot be matched. If you are looking for a special Japanese experience with a guide who knows Japan, it's people and customs like the back of his hand, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.


As of the winter of 2017 I have had to temporarily discontinue my prearranged and economical Small Group Tours & Day Trips because of the popularity of my Private Custom Tours. In the future I may offer the prearranged Small Group Tours & Day Trips but for now I can offer only Private Custom Tours. If you would like to start a conversation about a Private Custom Tour to Japan please submit my Inquiry Form. Feel free to inquire about any desires you may have and want to experience in Japan.