Hakone Open Air Museum

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(* Note that some exhibits to "rotate" and some of the art seen in pictures on this site may not be there when you visit) Opened in 1969 the "Hakone Open-Air Museum" (in Japanese: 箱根 彫刻の森美術館) is an "Open Air" art museum in Hakone Japan. There are various different sections and exhibition spaces outdoors and indoors. The museum has a permanent display of around 120 masterpieces by famous modern and contemporary sculptors. There are five indoor exhibitions, including the Picasso Pavilion with its rotational displays from the more than 300 Picasso pieces in this world-class collection, as well as the natural hot spring bath and the art in the outdoor plazas.

The outside part of the museum has lawns dotted with abstract sculptures from Japanese and international artists. A larger piece, the Symphonic Sculpture, is an "Artistic Tower" where, visitors can enter and climb a spiral staircase surrounded by colorful stained glass. At the top you get a great view of the park and the surrounding mountains.  There are also indoor exhibitions by various artists, shops and cafes with scenic views.