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Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan for Japan Travel Packages (JapanTravelPackages.com)

"Harajuku" is an area "around" Harajuku Station. It is extremely popular with teenagers who come to shop and hang out. This is the station your most likes to see a "Harajuku Girl" (those girls that dress up cute and pretty) and lots of models (lost of model agencies around Harujuku).  Harajuku has a couple very popular shopping streets, "Takeshita Doori" and "Omote Sando".  Takeshita Doori is the street where the Harajuku Girls shop and Omote Sando is the street where the most of the "upper-scale" shops are.  Harajuku is a very interesting city to visit in order to catch a glimpse of the "Modern Japanese" fashionista!