Omi-cho Market

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Omi-cho Market is a market in Kanazawa Japan that is famous for its fresh fish.  The market has been around for close to 300 years.  There are as many as 170 stores that sell a variety of goods but there are a large number of fish stores that sell fresh fish and seafood caught in the Sea of Japan.  Delicious seafood such as crabs, yellowtail, and small shrimp caught from the Sea of Japan are sold around November and are highly evaluated in Japan. During specific seasons the market can get quite crowded residents and tourists.  Early morning is the time most residents and restaurant owners are out buying their supplies for the day while lunchtime gets busy with tourists and business folk who are in the market looking for a good lunch.  This market has even been featured on the famous American CNN travel show, "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" as Anthony walks through the market with a famous sushi chef and they hunt for the best of the best seafood.  If your a tourist in Kanazawa for the day (or days), you might want to plan on heading down to this market for a quick stroll AND of course, find a nice restaurant to eat some of the delicious seafood they offer.