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After WW2 the United States occupied several facilities in the Roppongi Area. Japanese restaurants, pool halls, bars, and brothels followed the "rich" Americans which catered to the US military personnel but were also frequented by Japanese customers. In the late 1960s Roppongi became popular for is disco scene and the "nightlife" reputation of Roppongi began to boom. During the 70's - 90's many foreigner bars popped up and the Rock-n-Roll era took hold in Roppongi too. Currently you can find almost any type of nightlife establishment in Roppongi from small and quaint bars to Mega Clubs. In the early 2000's "Roppongi Hills" and the "Izumi Garden Tower" were built giving the area a major economic boost and modern feeling to the area. In 2006 the "Tokyo Midtown Project" was completed and includes the first Tokyo Ritz-Carlton Hotel, continuing the trend of an "upscale" area. There are also many foreign embassies in the area which give the area an "international" feel.