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Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto Japan for Japan Travel Packages (JapanTravelPackages.com)

Ryoanji, which is a very cool name in English: The Temple of the Dragon at Peace, (in Japanese; Ryoan Ji 龍安寺) is "The" most famous Rock Garden in Japan... and therefore the world as Japan is "The" Rock Garden king.  It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The "technical" term for this type of garden is "Kare Sansui" which means, Dry Landscape. Hundreds of tourists and Japanese visit Ryoanji every day.
Original the grounds were those of a rich politician (Fujiwara family in the 11th century) but was converted to a Zen temple in 1450 (The main temple being a kilometer to the south) by a powerful Japanese warlord just before the Onin War.  The original temple was destroyed in the war but his son re-built it to its glory... although there seems to be some controversy over exactly who built it and exactly when... lets leave that to the scholars and just enjoy its beauty!