Yurakucho at night

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Yurakucho... now we're talking "Tokyo!" Yurakucho is a district right next to the posh Ginza but the two areas are very different. Where Ginza caters to the fashionable and proper, Yurakucho caters to the pull off the necktie, have some beers and let loose. During the daytime Yurakucho can be viewed as your typical business district (Toho headquarters, Japan Airlines and the Yurakucho Center Building which houses many major companies are here) and even has a large "Bic Camera" electronics store but at night, Yurakucho is an "eaters" and "drinkers" paradise. Have you ever seen the show popular CNN TV show "No Reservations"?  The show has a few episodes where there is eating under the tracks in Yurakucho. Yurakucho is a glimpse of the Tokyo during the 1930's... Its a definite place to visit if your in Tokyo. Stop in at one of the multiple Yakitori, Izakaya or Japanese eating joints, many with seats outside. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you and basically just have a great time.