Free to do own thing

Our package and custom tours include such things as Hotels, Transportation, Attractions and Activities.  Depending on the Tour Class, your guide will escort you to some or all of these destinations.  For "Package Tours" the Hotel and Transportaion parts of the trip will be "set" and cannot be changed but as for the daily Attractions and Activities you are free to join the planned tour OR you are of course free to head out on your own.  You can also break from the planned daily Attractions or Activities at any time (if your tired and just want to relax at the hotel or you have a specific destination you would like to see).  Also note that some of the Attractions and or Activities in each itinerary may have a "Y+" sign which indicates "Not included in Tour Price" (read more about that here).

If you decide to "Do your own thing" or "Break from the planned tour" please be aware of these conditions:

  • In most of our tours we include "Train Passes" (there are many different types).  In many situation you may be able to use one of these Train Passes to ride some trains for free. However, ANY extra costs incurred (travel, food, etc.) will be your responsibility.
  • Your guide cannot "plan" a specific trip for you.  Outside of our planned tour it is 100% up to you to plan, find and visit any "other" destinations you would like to see and experience.  If there is an emergency, of course you can call your guide for help and support but any costs associated with your emergency (and costs the guide might have to incurr) will be your responsibility.
  • "If" you would like, say... a one day planned custom day, we are happy to help and plan this trip for you but there will be extra cost.
  • Even if you do not join and do not visit our planned tour Attractions and Activities, the "Tour Price" does not change AND we do not give "refunds" for those specific items.