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A full day in Tokyo where you will visit a fabulous museum, the famous "Ginza" and Yurakucho areas and finally a stop at Tokyo Tower where you can ride up to an observation deck and view the night skyline of Tokyo.  On this day you will see a feel a wide range of "Tokyo Culture" from "Old Districts" to "Super Modern" type structures and atmosphere.

About the Destinations

Edo-Tokyo Museum (Museum): The Edo-Tokyo Museum was established in 1993 as a museum that celebrates the "Edo Era" of Tokyo. There are a few "main" features in the museum such as a life size replica of Nihonbashi and many scale models that demonstrate life was during the Edo times.

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Ryogoku (Area): Ryogoku is famous for its sumo stadium, chanko restaurants, many sumo stables and ther sumo related attractions. The biggest Sumo stadium in Japan is also found here along with some nice temples, shrines and Japanese gardens sprinkled throughout the town.

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Ginza (Area): World Famous "Ginza"! Some non-Japanese people call it "The Ginza" but the Japanese themselves just call it "Ginza". Ginza today is basically an upscale shopping district filled with high-end department stores, boutiques and resturaunts.

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Tokyo Tower (Scenic Ride): Tokyo Tower was the "Modern Symbol" of Tokyo since Tokyo was rebuilt after WW2 until just recently when Tokyo Skytree was completed. Tokyo Tower is still "Romaticized" and looked upon with great nostalgia to this day.

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