Tokyo East Side - Day Tour

Destinations: Tsukiji Outer Market - Hamarikyu Garden - Tokyo Imperial Palace - Tokyo Tower

Tour Length: 8 Hrs +/-

Starting time: Flexible

Meeting Point: Flexible

Language: English (Native), Japanese (Fluent)

Tour Cost: $124 per person (USD)

Other Costs:

+ Approximate Entrance/Activity Costs of: $13 per person (USD)

+ Approximate Transportation Costs of: $9 per person (USD)

optional  Food & Drinks during tour: $20 - $30 per person (USD)

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What's Included

  • Guide Fee. A "Fully Escorted" native or fluent English speaking guide for the duration of the "Day Tour" to the destinations of the planned itinerary below.

What's NOT Included

Simply stated: ONLY the "Guide Fee" is included for our "Day Tours".

  • Does not include any transportation costs.
  • Does not include any entrance, activity, etc. fees.
  • Does not include any meals or drinks.

Entrance fees, Activity Fees and Transportation fees are NOT included in the "Day Tour" price. You will pay these fees separately as the tour progresses and we have listed an approximation of what these fees may cost. We chose this method for "Day Tours" in order to keep "all options open" and give "fluidity" to the day tours. Please bring sufficient funds to cover these costs.


  • Our guides use public transportation (train, subway, bus, etc.) for all our "Day Tours". If you prefer to use taxi or a private car, please contact us first and we can make this happen. Any extra costs associated with transportation other than public transportation will be an extra fee.

  • Walking: Because we use public transportation there IS a lot of walking. You will be walking to and from stations and then walking around destinations. Furthermore, at some times public transportation can be crowded and you may have to stand while riding public transportation.

  • As stated above in "What's NOT Included", transportation costs are NOT included in the tour price. If you want to utilize a different form of transportation other than public transportation (Rental Car, Taxi, etc.), you will pay for those costs.

Food & Drinks

What you buy to eat and drink is totally up to you but some places do have "Sit Down" and or "Drink Requirment" fees (this cost is stated in "Approximate Entrance/Activity Costs").

  • Drinks: At a typical restaurant/bar 1 drink in Japan will run from 500 yen (about $5 USD) to 1,200 yen (about $12 USD). At higher end establishments 1 drink can run from 1,000 yen (about $10 USD) to 2,500 yen (about $25 USD).

  • Food: A typical restaurant meal in Japan can run from 800 yen (about $8 USD) to 1,500 yen (about $15 USD). However, of course depending on the level of the restaurant prices can vary greatly. Al-la-cart establishments like Izakaya, street stalls and little drinking shops can "seem" inexpensive but costs add up quickly if you order a lot (please watch your budget).

Meeting Point or Pick Up / Drop Off

  • If a "Meeting Point" is not explicitly stated in the description below, the Meeting Point / Pick Up / Drop Off will either be at your hotel (lobby) or at a major station exit, whichever you prefer.

  • The "Day Tour" price includes Pick Up / Drop Off on and within the main Yamanoto Line train loop (see image below). If your accommodation is at one of the Yamanote Line stations or within the loop, Pick Up / Drop Off is included in the price.

  • If your hotel is not within our included Pick Up / Drop Off zone, there will be a fee (time + transportation cost) added to the price.

Important Notes

  • Tour itineraries & schedules are subject to change due to train conditions, road conditions, extreme weather, and other unavoidable events. If an "unavoidable event" occurs and we are not able to reach a destination, options will be given in exchange.
  • There may be other participants, up the the maximum "Group Size" stated in Important Information & Details above.
  • You do not pay for the guide's food and drinks, only your own.
  • Must be over 20 years of age to drink alcohol in Japan.
  • Tours start at the designated time. We will leave the "Meeting Point" 5 to 10 min. after specified time. If you are late, you may try to join us along the route.
Tsukiji Market (by by Aimaimyi CC BY-SA 3.0) for Japan Travel Packages ( Gardens for Japan Travel Packages ( Imperial Palace for Japan Travel Packages ( Tower for Japan Travel Packages (

On this day tour we will visit the famous "Sushi Mecca", the Tsukiji "Outer Market", a pleasant Japanese garden, The Tokyo Imperial Palace and finally Tokyo Tower.  Its best to start this tour around or just before lunchtime so we can eat some sushi at Tsukiji Market AND arrive at Tokyo Tower in the evening to be able to see the tower and Tokyo night lights.  This will be a full day and include lots of walking but of course we will move at your pace.

Tokyo Tower Note: We will visit Tokyo Tower and you may choose to ride up to one of the observations decks.  The "Main Observatory" (lower deck) at 150 meters is 900 yen while the "Special Observatory" (upper deck) at 250 meters is a total of 2,500 yen (The "Upper Deck" will be closed till the summer of 2017).

Meeting Point


About the Guide

Brad is an American, Colorado native, who has lived in Japan for a total of over 15 years. He speaks fluent Japanese and has travelled all over Japan. Brad is also a professional entertainer in Japan (entertaining the Japanese) and has visited most every city in Japan including it's hotels, resorts, hot springs, amusement parks, castles, temples, etc. and has hob-knobbed with some of Japan's most famous celebrities.

About the Destinations

Tsukiji Fish Market (Outer Market) (Shopping Mall): Tsukiji Market is the Mecca of sushi! The "Outer Market" is the "Normal" market where normal Tokyo'ites and restaurant owners go to buy their sushi (as opposed to the very early morning "wholesale market").

Tsukiji Market (by by Aimaimyi CC BY-SA 3.0) for Japan Travel Packages (

Hamarikyu Gardens (Garden): Hamarikyu Gardens is a typical example of the famous gardens of the Edo Period. It is is a beautiful and historical tract of parkland near the Shiodome district, and beside the Sumida River where it enters Tokyo Bay.

Hamarikyu Gardens for Japan Travel Packages (

Tokyo Imperial Palace (Castle): The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the residence of Japan's Imperial Family, a guarded palace for the Royal family of Japan.

Tokyo Imperial Palace for Japan Travel Packages (

Tokyo Tower (Scenic Ride): Tokyo Tower was the "Modern Symbol" of Tokyo since Tokyo was rebuilt after WW2 until just recently when Tokyo Skytree was completed. Tokyo Tower is still "Romaticized" and looked upon with great nostalgia to this day.

Tokyo Tower for Japan Travel Packages (