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Today you will ride the Bullet Train (Shinkansen)!  If we are lucky (the timing is right), we can watch an "Limited Express" Shinkansen blow through Odawara station (up to 320 kph / 200 mph) as we stand on the platform waiting for our train... it is quite a sight!  Once we board the Shinkansen we will journey to Kyoto, by-passing Mt. Fuji on our way. Around lunchtime we will be in Kyoto so we will have lunch, make our way to the hotel and check-in.  In the evening you can join your guide to a trip to "Gion", one of the most famous "Geisha Districts" in Japan.

About the Destinations

Travel by Bus

Senkyoro-mae > Odawara

Express (Reserved)

Travel by Train

Odawara > Kyoto

Shinkansen (Bullet Train, Reserved)

Gion (Area): Gion is a fascinating district or "area" in Kyoto that has been known throughout the ages as the "Entertainment District". The area is in "front" of Yasaka Shrine and was built up to accommodate the many travelers that visited the shrine.

Gion in Kyoto Japan for Japan Travel Packages (