Odawara Castle for Japan Package Tours (JapanPackageTours.com)

Today we will leave Kamakura and make our way to Hakone.  On the way to Hakone we will visit a famous Japanese castle!  After breakfast, before we leave the hotel, we will ship your larger suitcase on ahead to Kyoto (included in tour cost) so you will need to pack a smaller daypack for our 2 night, 1 day trip to Hakone.  When we reach Hakone in the afernoon you have the rest of the day to explore the surrounding area and relax for the day.

About the Destinations

Travel by Train

Kamakura > Odawara

Express Train (Upper Class, Non-Reserved)

Odawara Castle (Castle): Odawara Castle has a very colorful history! Being in a Prime Location it was a target from all sides! The castle, home of the Hojo Clan, was one of the "Last Stands" against Tokugawa until it finally fell in 1590 after a 3 months siege.

Odawara Castle for Japan Package Tours (JapanPackageTours.com)

Travel by Bus

Odawara > Senkyoro-mae

Express (Reserved)