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Today we will jump on the Shinkansen and take a quick ride to Osaka, Japan's 2nd largest city.  After arriving at our hotel we will proceed to Osaka Castle where we will explore the castle before heading off to the "port" area of Osaka where the aquarium is.  Osaka Aquarium is quite a magnificent structure and world renown.  We may even catch a glimpse of street performers (even some ex-pat Westerners) in the large open space in front of the Aquarium.

About the Destinations

Travel by Train

Kyoto > Osaka

Shinkansen (Reserved)

Osaka Castle (Castle): Not only is Osaka Castle the symbol of Osaka, it is one of Japan's most famous landmarks and played a major role in the history of Japan.

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Osaka Aquarium (Theme Park): The Osaka Aquarium is located at the Tempozan Harbor Village at the Osaka's Bay Area and is hailed as one of Japan's most spectacular aquariums. It is Walk Through aquarium with 27 tanks in 16 main exhibits containing fish, a whale shark and manta rays.

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