Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan for Japan Travel Packages ( [BSCOOL|copyright]

After breakfast your guide will escort you back Kyoto station and board the Bullet Train back to Tokyo, perhaps catching a glimpse of Mount Fuji on your way past (depending on weather conditions of course).  After checking in (or leaving bags... depending on arrival time) at the hotel your guide will say goodbye and you are free to do some last-minute souvenir shopping or visit any sites may have missed the first time around. The final night of your tour you will spend in Shinjuku, the high-rise district in Tokyo known for its glaring neon, vibrant nightlife and thousands of restaurants.

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Shinkansen (Bullet Train, Reserved)

Shinjuku (Area): Shinjuku is the biggest city in Tokyo. This is where most the tall sky-scrapers are and Shinjuku Station see's more than 3 million people pass through it in one day. People, Neon, Eating, Shopping and Drinking are just some of the wild sights to see.

Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan for Japan Travel Packages ( [BSCOOL|copyright]