Not Included Explanation

In order to keep some of our tour prices "Low" AND to offer our customers the "option" of whether they want to experience an attraction or maybe opt to see somthing else, some of our "Attractions" in our tour itineraries have been marked as "NOT included in Tour Price".  We have included these attractions because we think our customers will enjoy them but by not including them in the Tour Price, the customer has the choice to experience or not.

Note on Approximate Cost: for the "Approximate Cost" we have made our best guess estimate which includes the entrance fee to the attraction AND a basic round trip cost from the "general area" of where you may be staying (we say "general area" because depending on accommodation availability the exact hotel may be at a different location than that in the itinerary).  This "approximate cost" could be lower or higher depending on the location of the confirmed booked hotel because of varying transportation costs.